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“God gives gifts to everyone, ... Some can write, some can dance. He gave me the skill to play football and I am making the most of it.”
Бог дает каждому свое... Кто то умеет писать, кто то танцевать. Он дал мне возможность играть в футбол и я делаю это по-максимуму.

“They are all excellent players, well-known everywhere and among the best in the world. It is fantastic to have the trust of the Brazilian coach,”
Все они замечательные игроки,

“That shows Brazil is in an outstanding phase and that our talent is more and more recognized around the world. In any team now, there is always a Brazilian doing well. This is very nice and as one of them it is always great to enjoy all this international success.”

“They are three very important competitions. I am trying to take each one at a time. My priority is to win the Champions League which is the top club football competition, something that any player wants to win.”

“He would have to go through an adaptation period. We all have to when we come to Europe but he will get over it quickly and show his great ability.”

“The fact that it is given by people who understand soccer makes the award more valuable and will make the winner happier to receive it.”

“It doesn't change much for me really and my motivation remains the same - to create a beautiful future with Barcelona, winning many titles.”

“I have the chance to do for a living what I like the most in life, and that's playing football. I can make people happy and enjoy myself at the same time.”

“I think it is an important award because no one can judge soccer better than the players themselves.”

“I am very happy in this side and this type of contentment doesn't have a price. I want for nothing here and look forward to staying for many years.”

“I never saw myself outside Barca. I only listened to their offer and wasn't interested in what other clubs were doing.”
Я никогда не представлял себя где либо еще кроме Барсы. Я только слышал от других команд предложения, но мне нет никакого дела до этого.

“The boss knows what he's doing.”
Босс знает, что делает.

“The team played very well and I was delighted to help out with three goals.”
Команда играла очень хорошо и мне посчатливилось помочь ей тремя голами.

“The whole of this team's very special, they're great players so it's difficult to choose.”
Вцелом, эта команда специфическая, они все очень хорощие игроки и очень тяжело из них кого то выделить.

“I'm pleased firstly because of the win and secondly for helping the team with my goals. It's a good result for the team and we have to keep working.”
В-первую очередь я рад тому, что победили, во-вторую, тому, что я помог команде голами. Это хороший результат команды и мы все над этим работаем.

“I would like my Dad to be alive so he could see what I am.”
Мне бы хотелось, чтобы мой отец был жив и видел кем я стал.

"My game is based on improvisation. Often a forward does not have the time to think too much. You have a second, rarely more, to decide whether to dribble, shoot or pass to the right or left. It is instinct that gives the orders."
Моя игра основывается на импровизации. Очень часто у нападающего не хватает времени на раздумья. У тебя есть секунда, реже дольше, чтобы решить ударить, обвести или отдать пас.

"I am ugly but what I do have is charm."
Я не красивый, но то, что я делаю, очаровывает.

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